What floor varnishes and stains are available on the market ?

15 Jul 2019 | Hardwood flooring

Does your hardwood floor lacklustre and shine? Although hardwood flooring is a durable covering, it must be protected and maintained to ensure it’s quality and aesthetics year after year. To do this, simple actions are required, including floor varnishing and floor staining. These two techniques will make your hardwood floor look like new and have unequalled charm!



Over the years, hardwood flooring wears down and suffers more or less deliberate damage. To ensure that your hardwood floor looks as good as it did on the first day, floor varnishing is an effective and qualitative option to make your hardwood floor more authentic. Besides, varnishing a floor allows you to better protect the surface against aggressions, scratches, liquids and wear and tear. Thus, with hardwood floor varnishing, you ensure that your floor is protected while prolonging its durability.



Varnishing your hardwood floor is without a doubt, an essential precaution for the quality and aesthetics of your floor. Nevertheless, many varnishes are available on the market and it is important to make the right choice to maximize its performance.

First of all, you can choose your varnish according to its gloss: semi-gloss varnish, satin varnish or matte varnish. If you want your floor to reflect a lot of light, it will be advisable to apply a semi-gloss varnish. On the contrary, if you do not want your floor to be glossy, it is better to opt for a matt varnish. For the middle, satin varnish is an excellent choice!

You can also select your floor varnish according to its finish. Sandblasting Bergeron applies a latex finish that is scratch-resistant and resistant to daily use, aesthetically attractive and durable! An ecological and high-end solution, latex finishes prevent yellowing and discoloration.



As with floor varnishing, floor stain reduces the risk of wear and scratches that can appear over the years on your surface. Floor stain is ideal for giving your hardwood floor a new look! Make your floor unique by different daring colors. In addition to personalizing your hardwood floor, floor stain gives style and charm to your living room.



To change the appearance of your floor, you can choose from a wide range of stain colours for your hardwood: black, grey, brown, pink, anything is possible! Of course, you are advised to choose stains that match your interior design for total compatibility. It is recommended that you call on a professional to stain your hardwood floor, otherwise you risk making costly mistakes. You can also apply latex finishes for a high-end look.



Do you want to varnish and/or stain hardwood floors? Have it done by competent and experienced professionals. With more than 69 years of experience, Sablage Bergeron is a reference company for varnishing and/or staining your floor! To do so, call (514) 321-5000.