Floor repair, what are the causes ?

1 May 2019 | Floor repair

Over the years, your hardwood floor can suffer damage and lose its quality. To avoid this, simple steps are taken such as sanding and varnishing your floor to restore its shine. However, if your wood floor is subject to wear and tear and becomes unsightly, it is necessary to repair the floor to give it a new look that will last for many years. Before proceeding, would you like to know the causes that require floor repairs? Sablage Bergeron presents them to you in this article!



For various reasons, your hardwood floor can show signs of wear and premature aging, especially if you observe :

  • A gap or cracks between the planks of your flooring
  • A floor warping
  • Deformation of the floor
  • Scratches on the floor
  • Floor squeaks

Unsightly or unpleasant, the problems associated with your hardwood floor should not be allowed to continue. If you wish to maintain your daily comfort and ensure the quality of your hardwood floor in the long-term, you must, depending on your specific situation, call on a company specializing in hardwood floor repairs. Waves, scratches and deformations will be nothing but bad memories!

With a quality floor repair, you will restore the value of your living spaces and enhance the aesthetics of your home!



Moisture is the number 1 enemy of hardwood floors! Hardwood is a floor covering that often reacts negatively to temperature variations, but especially to the presence of humidity in your living rooms.

During the winter, the warm air from heating systems tends to reduce the humidity level in your room. Faced with this, hardwood flooring can reveal cracks, gaps between floors, as well as flakes.

To keep your hardwood floor in excellent condition, you must maintain a humidity level between 40% and 45% in all seasons. To effectively control your humidity, we recommend that you use a hygrometer, as well as an air exchanger, humidifier and/or dehumidifier.

Other elements have consequences on the quality of your hardwood floor. For example, you must be constantly careful about objects you drag on the floor such as chairs, tables and furniture. When moving your objects, you can easily scratch and scuff your hardwood floor. To avoid damaging your hardwood floor, use felt pads.

It is also strongly recommended that you do not wear shoes on your hardwood floor, especially high heels.

If you have pets, their claws will also scratch your hardwood floors!



If you want to give your hardwood floor a second youth, call Sablage Bergeron. With more than 69 years of experience, Sablage Bergeron will enhance your hardwood floors. To do so, call now (514) 321-5000.