Why use a professional to install your floor ?

1 Mar 2019 | Floor installation

When building a new home or renovating your home, it is important to think about renovating or installing your flooring. Some choices are very popular with owners of condos, single-family homes or apartments: hardwood floors, floating floors and engineered flooring. Floors offer an indisputable charm to living spaces. Nevertheless, installing flooring in your home requires certain expertise for a successful, aesthetic and durable installation. Discover the importance of calling on a professional for flooring installation!



Before installing your floor, it is essential to carefully select your floor covering. This will ensure the practicality and aesthetics of your living rooms.

Among the various floor coverings available on the market, three are popular with homeowners: hardwood flooring, floating flooring and engineered flooring.

Warm, ecological, easy to maintain and durable, hardwood flooring enhances the value of your home thanks to its undeniable advantages. With a hardwood floor, you offer a unique cachet and charm to your home thanks to the richness offered by this flooring. Besides, hardwood flooring can be sanded several times in order to remain attractive over time.

Modern, noble and inexpensive, floating flooring adapts to all living spaces. Popular and appreciated by homeowners, floating flooring adds value to your home. On the other hand, a floating floor is not a coating that sands.

Resistant to heat and humidity, engineered flooring can be installed in rooms such as basements and bathrooms. It is important to note that in new condos, you will mainly find engineered flooring installed. Aesthetic and durable, this flooring is an excellent choice for your home. However, you can sand it once or twice maximum.



Although it is possible to install your flooring, it is recommended that you call on experienced and competent wood flooring installation professionals.

Flooring installation requires many steps, including proper planning, floor preparation, precise humidity control, calculation of the surface area to be covered, professional installation of the subfloor and flooring, etc.

It is very important to ensure the long-term quality of the flooring installation, to control the moisture content of the wood before installation. If the humidity level is high, your wood will tend to cause unsightly warping. On the contrary, if your humidity level is low, your wood may see its volume decrease. To enjoy a harmonious and quality installation of your wood flooring, you must call on professionals.

Sablage Bergeron has 69 years of experience in the installation of hardwood flooring, floating flooring and engineered flooring. You are thus assured of obtaining the highest quality flooring while creating a warm atmosphere in your living rooms. Your wood floor will be timeless and durable!

In addition to the installation of your wood floor, you can also ensure that your flooring will last longer by sanding, varnishing and staining it year after year.


Would you like to entrust the installation of your floor to highly experienced, reliable and competent professionals? To do so, call the Sablage Bergeron team today by dialing (514) 321-5000.