Top Hardwood Floor Design Trends for 2020

12 Mar 2020 | Hardwood flooring

Are you about to do some floor work? Whether you are installing flooring in a new construction or renovating flooring in an old building, know that hardwood flooring is always an excellent choice, since it is a traditional product that can easily be updated to suit today’s tastes.

In this article, discover the 2020 design trends for hardwood flooring and get inspired for a floor that’s on the cutting edge of fashion!


Floor Trend #1: Local Wood Species

While ecological issues are at the heart of today’s concerns, eco-responsible materials are becoming more and more trendy among designers and private individuals.

In terms of respect for the environment, hardwood flooring is one of the best floor coverings on the market because wood is a natural resource whose exploitation is not very harmful to the planet. But in 2020, if we really want to be eco-responsible, we’re going further by opting for 100% Quebec hardwood flooring.

By choosing hardwood flooring made from local wood species, we reduce transportation-related pollution while promoting the Quebec economy. A real advantage over exotic woods!

Wondering what are the most beautiful local wood species? Think of white oak, cherry, maple, American walnut and red oak.


Trend floor no. 2: Wide Planks

If trend number 1 is more of a current trend, trend number 2 is purely a design trend. As the years go by, interior design is becoming more refined and minimalist to avoid overload and give an impression of space. It is with this same idea that hardwood flooring boards are becoming wider and wider.

Choosing a hardwood floor with wide planks for your home or business allows you to visually enlarge the rooms and create an impression of large surfaces. This is interesting in small interiors to make them appear less narrow, but also in medium to large spaces to increase the feeling of grandeur tenfold.


Floor trend no. 3: A Matt Finish

All good floor installation or floor renovation work ends by applying a varnish. This is the final touch to your hardwood floor to protect it and give it a certain shine.

There are currently three main categories of varnish: matte varnish, satin varnish and semi-gloss varnish. The first is the least glossy and the last is the most glossy. Popular for a long time for its ability to reflect light, semi-gloss varnish is no longer the first choice.

The new floor trend on the varnishing side is the matte finish. Appreciated for its natural and authentic side, it gives a raw aspect to the wood that is very popular in Scandinavian, rustic or even industrial interior design.


Floor trend n° 4: A Grey Tint

In most cases, when people choose hardwood flooring, they opt for a natural colour. That is, a shade of brown, from the darkest brown to the lightest beige. However, other, more original shades are possible and one of them is a design trend this year, grey.

By choosing a white or red maple or oak floor, it is possible to obtain a hardwood floor in a beautiful shade of grey, from light grey to dark grey. It is a very popular colour this year, which gives a contemporary and elegant look to all interiors.


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