Installing a new floor or restoring an old one?

16 Mar 2020 | Floor installation, Floor repair, Floor sanding

If you are fortunate enough to have an old hardwood floor in your home or store, you may be wondering whether it is possible to keep it or whether it is better to replace it.

For reasons of aesthetics, comfort and safety, the answer varies depending on the condition of your old floor. Discover it in this article thanks to the expert advice of Sablage Bergeron, a company that has been specializing for over 69 years in floor installation and repair, as well as floor sanding and varnishing in Montreal.


Restoring floors to preserve the charm of the old one

Because hardwood flooring is a strong and durable floor covering, it is very durable and can be maintained in good condition for many years. In most cases, floor restoration is therefore quite feasible to preserve an old floor full of charm. It is an economical solution, since it is less expensive than a new floor installation, but also environmentally friendly, since it saves the need to produce a new floor.
It is preferable to opt for floor renovation if your floor has stains, warping, localized breakage or loss of shine. If your hardwood floor is damaged in only a few places, a simple floor repair may be necessary to change the worn boards. However, if the wear and tear is extensive, sanding the floor will be essential to restore the wood’s shine.
Finally, your floor renovation will end with the varnishing and eventual staining of the hardwood floor. After these few steps, your hardwood floor will have regained all its original charm and will be as bright as the day it was laid!


Installation of new flooring in case of structural problems

If you have just bought an old building whose hardwood flooring appears to be in an advanced state of decay, it is advisable to seek a diagnosis from a company specializing in flooring. In fact, only professionals will be able to tell you if it is possible to keep the old floor, by doing restoration work, or if it is necessary to install a new floor, because the current floor has structural problems that cannot be repaired.

Generally speaking, if you notice that most of the boards are deformed, that the floor is not very stable or that the nails are visible, it is too late for floor renovation and a new floor installation should be considered. To do so, the old floor must first be completely removed and then a new floor must be carefully laid. This way, you will enjoy a beautiful hardwood floor adapted to your tastes, which will be in excellent condition for many years to come!


Do you need a new floor installation or an old floor restoration? If you are in Montreal or in the surrounding area, ask for the services of Sablage Bergeron to enjoy a beautiful hardwood floor!

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