29 Jan 2020 | Floor Care

The more you take care of your hardwood floor, the more it will remain timeless and in excellent condition. To get the most out of your floor’s installation, you must maintain and clean your hardwood floor regularly. This simple task will enable you to maintain the quality of your hardwood flooring for years to come. Moreover, your hardwood floors will always enhance your living spaces with comfort and elegance! Discover how to properly care for all your hardwood floors.



Excessive or low humidity in your home is very dangerous for your hardwood floors. If the humidity level is not between 40% and 50% in your home, your hardwood floor will show signs of premature aging: gaps, cracks or flaking between boards. The winter season is the period most at risk for moisture problems. To ensure proper humidity in all seasons, equip yourself with a hygrometer and a humidifier and/or dehumidifier.

This will prevent your hardwood floor from warping due to low or excessive humidity in your living areas.



Every day, you move around on your hardwood floor, your family, your loved ones, and perhaps your pets as well.

Repeated walks can be harmful to your hardwood floor, especially if you are walking with shoes, and even worse with high heels. The most protective thing for your floor is to walk barefoot, with socks or slippers.

If you have pets, their claws easily scratch your hardwood floor. To avoid this, remember to regularly trim your pet’s claws.

Use carpet, especially at your entrances and exits, to effectively remove all dirt from the outside.

Also, don’t take risks when moving your household furniture, especially tables and chairs, as moving them could cause numerous scratches. To avoid this, use felt pads on the legs of your furniture.

If you ever have a hardwood floor in your kitchen, avoid exposure to water as much as possible, which could be harmful to the quality of your floor.



If your floor is in poor condition, warped, cracked or warped, it is necessary to maintain your hardwood floor with floor sanding and/or floor varnish. Essential to make all the defects disappear, floor sanding will work miracles! Moreover, varnishing a hardwood floor will give a new look to your living space.

Furthermore, once your floor is in perfect condition, it is necessary to clean it regularly using a special cleaning kit for hardwood floors.

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